I know it has been four months, but this is the first chance I have had to sit down and write this story. The last part of my trip to Germany was three days in Bavaria. I met Elyse at the airport in Frankfurt and then we took a long train ride to Fussen. This […]

We must have done something right, because we could not have asked for a more perfect 2 days for our boat trip down the majestic Rhein River. We boarded the 1918 Goethe Paddle Wheeler in Koblenz. The boat left at 2:00 pm so that gave us time to walk along the river and enjoy the […]

As a child growing up I never believed that I would see the reunification of Germany in my lifetime. Yet, here I am at the point where West met East and dared one another to flinch. Point Alpha is about a half an hour bus ride from Fulda. It is now a nature preserve and […]

Fulda is a beautiful city with about the same population as Oshkosh. For me, that is where the similarities end. Sunday I went to the Vonderau Museum. This museum chronicles Fulda’s past from pre-history to the present. It also has a natural history exhibit, art exhibit and planetarium. Some parts of this museum are similar […]

This is one of the views from atop the town hall tower. In early July I met a couple that make a pilgrimage to Germany every 2 years. When I told them I would be spending a month here in Germany they strongly urged me to visit Rothenburg. I looked on the map and thought, […]

Imagine that you cannot see these beautiful flowers, but you can touch them, smell them and hear them rustle in the breeze. You can even talk to them. Thursday we took a trip to Frankfurt to the Dialogue Museum. Here is a link to get a little bit more information:¬†http://www.frankfurt.de/sixcms/detail.php?id=5021811&_ffmpar%5B_id_inhalt%5D=5021033 When you enter the museum […]

This is not someone’s laundry hanging in the trees. This is art! On Sunday, 18 of us took the train to Kassel, north of Fulda, to engage in the Documenta (13) Exhibit. Hundreds of artist have been invited to display their art around the city. There is a special bus that takes visitors to the […]